Why Should We Do it A Little Bit Better 

I am of the opinion that when we are engaged in activity that is important to us, the people around us, and the present and future world, that we can always do it a little bit better. In fact, we MUST do it better because what we do should matter. If it matters, then we should give it all of our time, effort, energy, and sill into the project.

The Average and Ordinary Produce Substandard Results

The average and ordinary individual just does it. They do what it takes to get the task done. Sometimes it is completed to an acceptable standard. Sometimes not. Usually the average and ordinary individual does not do it a little bet better. They do it just good enough, that they can say that they did it.

Usually the results of the average and ordinary are substandard, by anybody’s standard,  That is true because they have no motivation, no energy and no desire to excel in their capacity to produce. They just do it and they produce sloppy and unacceptable results.

The 10X Rule

The book that I am reading is abound a man who decided that whatever task he put his hand to do, that he would do it a little bit better.  In fact,  he decided to do it 10X’s better than then competition.

You guessed it! The book that I am reading is, The 10X Rule, by Grant Cardone. Mr. Cardone decided very early in his professional life, that he would do everything that he had to do 10X better than he had ever done, and he would do it 10X better than the competition.

What If Everyone Would Do It Just a Little Bit Better 

If everyone, in every walk of life would approach life in such a way that they were going to do it just a little bit better, how would it change our world. I suspect that the change in families, businesses, schools, churches, etc., would be astounding.

The problem is that we cannot make every one do it just a little bet better. We can only change how we do what we do.

So, today is the day that you and I can make a decision to just do it a little bet better. Get the book, The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone, and start reading. Be inspired and go out and just do it a little bit better!