Your Personal Brand is Key to Your Personal Success

We have evolved in the world of marketing to a place that your personal brand is vital to your success. As social media grows, without a clear, personal marketing brand, your presence will decline. In fact, you will become irrelevant in the expanding and growing, international world of marketing.

As an entrepreneur, employee, professional, or someone demanding to be relevant as a person with a cause, personal branding is a vital key to success.

Social media is the absolute best place to build your personal branding. Don’t Fret It! Don’t Sweat It! You are not too late.

So, What is Personal Branding?

A Cattleman will burn an identifying brand into the hide of every cow or bull that they own. It’s called branding the cattle. Why do they do that?

If a cow wanders off, or if it is stolen, there will be no question as to who that cow belongs to. The brand is definitive. When that brand is spotted, ownership is unmistakable.

Entrepreneurs and individuals brand for the same reason.

Everyone In the Marketplace Must Know Your Brand

Corporations and other business entities, brand so that everyone in the marketplace will know who they are and what they do. Just like corporate branding, personal branding is a representation of you as an individual and a marketer.

Your personal branding online involves creating a voice, personality, logo, biography, and what you desire to be known for.

In fact your branding is not limited to these entities. Your personal branding is limited only by your imagination and your ability to put your individuality “out there” and distinguish yourself among the masses.

Your individuality online is critical. You may ask, “I have a great product, why do I have to draw all this attention to me?”

Think about it. Your online presence and performance is key to your success, because it represents the person that you are offline. It represents the depth of your authenticity.

Always remember this. People do business with People they Trust! So, Be Authentic!

Is Personal Branding Really That Vital to Your Success?

You bet it is! Personal branding builds your business and defines you as a marketer and a person. Though logos, advertising, and such, are important, who you are as a person will, more often than not, close the sale.

When you engage a prospect from the depth of your heart and authenticity, a bond is established and the magic begins. In the mind of the buyer, they have branded you as true, honest, and real. The door is opened, not only for this sale, but for others in the future.

When you release your authentic self to a buyer, you go from a cold, financially, driven business entity, to a friend that has established relationship and trust. At that point, the magic is perpetuated.

You may ask, how? What did I do to make that happen?

This is how. Word of Mouth advertising is the most powerful and lucrative advertising on the planet. First of all, it is advertising that YOU did not have to pay for.

Secondly, it is true, honest, and real. Businesses pay big money to get a great advertisement out on the streets. But often times, the end result is buyer’s remorse. Why? Because advertising experts are not always true, honest, and real.

But, people trust the report of a friend and often they can see the tangible results of their purchase. So, the bottom line is, word of mouth advertising is always a slam, dunk score for you the marketer.

Define Your Own Authenticity

The first step of the branding process will require some serious thought and deep soul searching. You must identify yourself, what you stand for, where you want to go, and who you want to become.

Look at successful people with similar ideology and goals as yours. How do they present online?

Your Marketing Must Be Consistent

Everything is about the marketing, from start to finish. It is a never-ending cycle. The classic in marketing is Hershey. The Hershey’s chocolate brand of, the best chocolate out there, became so dominant that they thought advertising was no longer necessary.

When sales began to decline, they quickly realized the necessity of continuous marketing.

So, that’s a lesson learned from a mega corporation. What will YOU do with that?

Start by identifying the media that best exemplifies and presents your brand. Then, become expert and consistent in getting your brand and your product out there.

Know Your Competition and Your Numbers

Don’t get comfortable with a little success. Constantly review, analyze, and evaluate your brand and your marketing efforts.

Study your competition to stay ahead of them and remain viable and competitive in the marketplace. This is called intelligence and it must be a continuous priority in your marketing strategy.

Track your numbers so that you can wisely allocate resources. Never, never, never allow yourself to become outdated.

Final Thoughts

Just Do It! Is it going to be an overnight work? NO! But, Just Do It!

We all have to start somewhere! Right? So, Just DO IT!

Those who don’t Brand continually lag behind their competition! So, Just Do It!

They never reach their True Potential! What about YOU? You-Just DO IT!