The Knock Out Demands a Strong WHY

Prevail In The Fight With the Power of Your WHY!

Why the Why? 

Why do you need a why, to succeed in the online internet business? That is a very good question! Let me start to answer that question by initiating another.

Have you seen the attrition rate of internet business owners in today’s world? The shelf-life of those businesses has been drastically short!

It is reported that 90% of business startups fail within the first 120-days in business. So, for every 100-online startups only 10 of them realize success.

Consider the Odds Before Jumping Into Business

This is a devastating statistic and it must be considered with a sober mind before jumping headlong into an internet business venture.

Let’s say you have considered the statistics, looked at the possible pitfalls, and you are nevertheless ready to buy a domain name, and get your online business started.

At this point, my question to you would be, “Why?”

You Must Have a Reason to Stay in the Game 

This of course brings me back to where I started. You still want to ask me, “Why is my ‘Why’ for involving myself in an online business so important?”

The simple answer to the question is that when the obstacles start coming against your best effort and, in fact, try to trash it completely, you have to have a reason to stay in the game.

You Will Face Goliath

Consider the movie, “Cinderella Man”. This was the cinema portrayal of the story of Jim Braddock, a heavy weight champion boxer in the 1930’s. He was the underdog in a fight with a Champion in a “David and Goliath” like fight in 1935.

The truth was that Braddock had not fought in several years. This was one of a series of comeback fights for him. He had a wife and small kids that he could barely feed.

If he won this fight, he would be able to take care of them for life. If he lost, there was no evident hope for any kind of future for the Braddock family.

In the Face of Defeat, Braddock Had a WHY

Braddock’s opponent was brutal. He showed no mercy throughout the fight. By the final round, Braddock was barely conscious.

He was sitting on the stool waiting to go in for, what turned out to be, the final round. It was evident that he felt like there was no hope.

At his lowest point, Braddock saw his children and his wife in his mind. He saw a refrigerator filled with food. He saw every good thing that he could give his family if he won.

To make a long story short, that was Braddock’s Why. That Why propelled him back into the ring for the final round.

In fact, to everyone’s surprise, Jim Braddock knocked the “Giant” to the mat and won the Heavy Weight Championship in 1935.

Surviving Internet Marketing

Let me tell you the truth about surviving in an internet marketing business.

There will be giants. They will intimidate you. You may not encounter immediate success. In fact, you could take great losses your first 10 or 20 “rounds” in the business.

There will come a time when you have tried every strategy that you know, done everything your coach told you to do, yet you have seen zero results.

At that point, you will be sitting at your computer facing the reality that you don’t have any other marketing options. Even if you did, you have no more money to lay down for the cause.

When you find yourself there, you better have a very BIG WHY!

At the Impasse, Your Why Must Be THERE

Take a look at your future without success. It will no doubt look pretty barren. Refocus the lens and take a look at your future with success. Although it looks amazing, it is still elusive.

When you face this impasse, all you have left is your Why. If you keep your eyes on your why and persist in faith, you will find the strength to turn that WHY into a Superhero. If you do not, you will surly go down in the final round.

You Must Be Standing In the Final Round

Online marketing moves at the speed of light. You need the mental and emotional capacity to steel your resolve to stay in the fight.

With a strong Why pulsating in your mind and emotions, you will find the resolve for critical thinking, laser focused action, and you will find creativity within yourself that you did not know existed. This will turn you in to an Internet Marketing Heavy Weight Champion!

When and if you face the knock out round again, you can call the power of your Why to the forefront of your mind. In that situation, you can expect the same results as before.

Now You Know WHY

So, to answer the question, why the why, that strong why will be there to crush every doubt, every step of the way, and keep you focused on victory.

With every obstacle destroyed  by the power of your Why, you will prevail to the final knockout round.

With your opposition down for the count, you will walk into the Championship that nobody can take away from you!

The best part about that victory is that you will not be chasing your Why any longer. Now you will be living in the middle of the Why that you have imagined all of your life.