Mental Toughness

Blog Success Demands Mental Toughness!

Blog success is no longer the product of building a story around a good idea, pasting a nice picture next to it, and throwing it up on a beautifully designed blog site.

That process had its day. That day is not this day. Multiple factors have contributed to the demise of “good idea, nice pic, paste it on a website,” blog success.

But all blog failure factors are gravely impacted by one word. It’s not a simple word. It is an all-encompassing word. The parts and pieces that hold that word together, make it a powerful word.

The impact of that word is comparable to a speeding train, recklessly moving down the tracks at 80-mph. Without warning and with no time to react, the reckless, fast moving train slams into a solid, rock mountain.

In other words, that mountain is there. It’s not moving. You must respect it, honor its presence, acknowledge the magnitude of it, and respond to it in an appropriate manner. If you don’t, it will crush you.

Now, back to That Word! When you look at the word in the context of blogging, it absolutely has the potential to demolish your efforts.

So, what is that one, all powerful word that demands anyone expecting to realize blog success, to step up their game?

That Word Is…


Yes, the simplicity of blogging has evolved into a competitive, complex, and massive undertaking. Blogger reports over 500-million published blogs.  WordPress reports over 60-million users. That means that every blogger on the web, is competing with more than, 560-million other bloggers.

If you, the blogger, don’t have the capacity to stand out in a crowd, then you could easily get swallowed up and crushed by a solid mountain of competition.

The magnitude and solidity of that mountain is made up of Master Bloggers.

They are those who had a message that burned deep inside of them, that they had to get out.

They are those who have bulldozed their way through every obstacle ignored the critics, and saw themselves at the top,  even when they did not have one follower.

These are your competitors. They are the elite crowd who is realizing unspeakable blog success.  Believe me! The Blog Success Champions are out there and they demand our respect!


If you are working on a blog or contemplating starting one up, you should know that, blog success does not require literary and SEO savvy alone. It demands mental understanding and grit to prevail against an immovable mountain that is getting bigger by the minute.

Expert bloggers move with savvy, skill, and excellent content that blows the competition out of the water.


Great blogging starts with the realization that blogging success is a really, Really, REALLY, S-L-O-W process! You will never be a great blogger if slow growth makes you want to shut it down and quit blogging altogether.

Know up front that you will be building your Blog Presence one article and one follower at a time. That can take 2-years or more. During that time, dogged persistence to prevail against the mountain is most certainly imperative.


Are you in it for the long haul?

Can you go the distance?

So, here’s the problem. The human brain is hardwired to expect immediate rewards for hard work. Without reward, the psyche won’t hang on very long before behavioral extinction kicks in.

In other words, when the reward does not manifest, the behavior, i.e., daily blogging, will cease or become extinct. When that happens, yes, you have crashed into the mountain and killed your dream of blogging success.

So, how do you keep the dream of top ranking, blog success alive? You grab hold of the reality of the “slow progress” phenomenon of blogging. That reality demands that you immediately begin to develop mental toughness.

From the start, fuel your mindset with a realistic vision of your “WHY” for blogging.

How strong and how solid is your message?

How will it impact others?

How will it change the quality of their lives and impact their world?

How will it impact the world that you live in?

What will the world miss out on, if you don’t create extreme blog success?

The magnitude of your message must dominate your thought process and your mindset.

If no one reads your blog, it’s still your message to deliver. Your determination must be stable and fixed.

If one person reads your every blog post, then for the sake of that person, you cannot quit.

If nothing but negative comments come from your readers, you must stand your ground. This is your message. If no one buys into it, you will continue to shout it from the mountain top,


Don’t just read this blog post. Consider it. Think about your own Blogging Message! Is it Deeply Personal or are you trying to Personalize another message that sounded good when someone else blogged it?

Is the message one that would be a Game Changer in the lives and/or businesses of others?

Do you feel like you would have failed in your mission in life if you don’t get the message out?

These are the basic considerations that will lead to creating true blog success. Work relentlessly to hone your blogging skills. Maintain a keen focus on your WHY!

Make the Vision of the Power of Your Message so Strong that it will carry you through the dark days when there seems to be no life in your blogging effort.

Resolve in your mind that YOU are in the blogging game to win! Never Quit! Create a solemn inner resolve that nothing will stop you from taking your blog OVER the TOP!