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Lindy Diffenbaugh

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About Me

Hi! Not long ago, after Guy and I finished our military service, I found myself in a job building someone else’s dream until I found online marketing. I now have freedom to do whatever I want, whenever and wherever I choose. My income grows as I pursue my passions as a marketer, author, mentor, and intercessor for the Kingdom of God. I would love to show you how get free too and enjoy all that life has for you!

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From The Blog

Five Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

The lure of working from home is strong for most people. The ability to sleep in, spend breakfast and lunch with loved ones, and stop commuting is a dream come true for an estimated three million workers in the United States. According to Forbes, 47...

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How to Forge Successful Partnerships

Starting a business with a partner can increase your odds of success. It can also bring that success to a level and speed you may not have been able to achieve as a sole proprietor—but only if you base your choice of partners on the right criteria. This article will...

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6 Decisions That Will Make or Break Your Startup

Flip through any book about starting a business and, within a few seconds, you’ll see multiple references to “strategy.” Without question, having an effective strategy is vital to every startup’s success, but the word gets bandied about far too frequently. Perhaps...

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